Dr Albert Haddad has led and managed a number of professional teams to achieve successful outcomes.
In 2004, Albert founded Leadwise Consulting, a boutique Leadership and Organisational Development consultancy based in Melbourne. In 2001, he commenced a Doctor of Education in Leadership and Organisational Change at the University of Melbourne.
Outside Alphacrucis College, Albert is involved in the life of his local church and community, and ministers and trains Christian leaders. Albert is also involved in building his business and client base in the corporate world using biblical leadership principles to influence, mentor and coach leaders in their workplaces and communities.


Be an effective leader that brings out the best in your team. This course specifically looks at building a team-culture in a Christian context using biblical principles. Learn how to identify and overcome barriers in your team as you move towards achieving the vision of the organsiation.


Students completing this intensive should expect to be able to:

  • Describe key elements for assessing effectiveness of teams within a Christian organisation
  • Compare and evaluate secular and Christian theories and models for team development in the light of biblical examples
  • Construct a plan for the development and implementation of a team-culture in a Christian organisation
  • Assess the effectiveness and application of various instruments used in team analysis
  • Describe performance barriers within a team and propose an effective means to address them.