25th – 29th September 2017, Parramatta



Jacqui is part of the faculty of Alphacrucis College as well as being a full-time Field Worker ACCI, serving and living in Izmir, Turkey (where she is part of a church planting team). Previous to this, Jacqui was full-time at Alphacrucis College from 2002, and served as the Academic Dean/ Provost from 2009 to 2014. Her publications include Them, Us & Me: How the Old Testament Speaks to People Today (2008), Raising Women Leaders (2009), and Three’s A Crowd: Pentecostalism, Hermeneutics and the Old Testament (2011) as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters. Jacqui has recently served as the President of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. She is an ordained minister with Australian Christian Churches and is passionate about seeing students learn to understand and love the Old Testament.


Esther is the story of a young woman who changed her generation. The book presents a tale of intrigue as Esther courageously navigates the Persian court from her selection as queen to life-threatening situations. She transforms from a young girl into a powerful queen demonstrating both wisdom and boldness. This subject will discuss the characters and plot functions of the story. It will consider the world of Old Testament culture, how Esther points to Christ, and also how we can apply it today. The book offers important principles of influence and successful living for the contemporary Christian reader. The example of Esther emphasises the importance of human action in accomplishing God’s purposes for each generation; we are called for such a time as this…


This subject addresses how the people of the God in the past (Old Testament) have navigated times of persecution. It raises how women and men from minority locations can impact their world. It also provides examples to support women in leadership. This course increases knowledge of the book of Esther and its context as well as confidence in reading the Old Testament.


The course is apart of our Masters of Arts, Master of Theology and Master of Leadership programs but there are limited spaces for students at other colleges or universities. Fee-Help is available for enrolled students at Alphacrucis or other institutions seeking cross credit for the unit. Cost for credit students is our standard postgraduate rate. There may be places available for audit students at $400. Classes meet 9am-5pm. Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea will be provided at all Intensives.