LEA550 Governance, Law & Ethics



Adrian Glamorgan graduated in law and went on spend decades working in, with, and leading community groups and schools. He is passionate about the value of corporate governance to any enterprise, with hard-won practical expertise in organisational development, strategic planning, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, corporate social responsibility and compassionate communication. With teaching experience in creativity, management and sustainability, Adrian brings a dynamic perspective to a core skill for any leadership. – LEA550 Governance, Law & Ethics.


It can be a surprise to learn that the legal principles that apply to corporate governance, including to the biggest companies, also apply to the smallest of boards of churches, community groups and independent schools, even when their directors are volunteers! If you are in senior leadership, on a board, it is essential to understand the principles, policies and practices of governance, both to conform with legal expectations, as well as to perform effectively and with grace. The good news is that however formidable the challenge may seem, governance, law and ethics are energising elements to the success of any enterprise. – LEA550 Governance, Law & Ethics


10 credits. By the end of this course, you will be alive to the breadth of governance issues which senior leadership and boards regularly face, with insights about ways to respond and lead.