I & II Corinthians

3rd – 6th October 2017, Perth


LECTURER – Adam White

Come and spend a week studying Corinthians with Adam White, senior lecturer in NT at Alphacrucis College in Sydney. Adam’s PhD research, conducted at Macquarie University, focussed on 1 Corinthians 1-4 and the division in the Christian community. He has since published numerous articles on Corinthians, as well as a major monograph in the Library of New Testament Studies series, titled “Where is the Wise Man? Graeco-Roman Education as a Background to the Divisions in 1 Corinthians 1-4”. Watch as these letters come to life and be challenged by Paul’s timeless pastoral advice.


For many years now, the two Corinthian letters have been a valuable source of knowledge for Pentecostals, particularly in regard to the gifts of the Spirit, but also in the challenge to be generous givers, or as ministers of reconciliation. But is this all there is to the letters? When we look closer at the Corinthian Christian community we realise that in so many ways, we are much alike. More than that, Paul’s instruction to his young church is as applicable to us today as it was 2000 years ago. In these two incredible documents, we find helpful guidance in dealing with many issues faced by the twenty-first century church, such as tithing, preaching, worship, suffering, church divisions, and homosexuality to name but a few. More importantly, we find in these letters helpful guidance in navigating the fine line between the Christian and secular. Quite unlike Paul’s other letters, 1 and 2 Corinthians are an incredible mix of both theology and practical ministry advice.


This postgraduate unit, in what is one of the Apostle Paul’s most important writings, will induct you into an elite category of New Testament interpretation for research, ministry, preaching and apologetics. The intensive week with Dr Adam White will encourage you, challenge you, build you and change you. The subject content and assessment program will enhance your skills in postgraduate research, establish your understanding of the Apostle Paul’s writing and grow your faith. Your expanded knowledge of New Testament history, Pauline literature and Biblical Theology will permanently deepen your understanding of Christian discipleship. Don’t miss this opportunity for a life changing study experience.