Ps Ian Bartley is the Senior Pastor of New Life Katoomba. He brings a wealth of experience in pastoral care, having worked with people who are experiencing burn out in their professions, marriages and relationships. Ian has worked with the military (including soldiers with post traumatic syndrome), police, paramedics and firefighters. Ian has also been a career advisor to High School and TAFE students.


How do I develop strong relationships, whether friendships, marriage or family? Should I get married or remain single? How do I deal with the changing dynamics of family and relationships through the life stages? If ever a unit was needed to clarify the confusion found in the ‘relationships’ section of the local Christian bookstore, this is it. Whether young, old, single, betrothed, married or unspecified, all are invited to come and explore the inner workings of relationships, marriage and the family, as it has unfolded throughout history and wider society. Specifically this unit aims to develop skills to strengthen your relationships and assist those you minister to in everyday life.


Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced ability to integrate appropriate communication skills and courses of action within a range of relational settings, including personal and ministry contexts;
  • Summarise and critique the characteristics and processes of various relationship models;
  • Develop and support a theological and biblical foundation for family ministry. This includes consideration of other Christian perspectives and understandings;
  • Critique a range of family ministries implemented by churches and church agencies, including education, prevention and strength-enhancing programs, crisis intervention, therapy, and family advocacy;
  • Critically evaluate the importance of healthy relationships as a criterion for church and church agency ministries, as well as assessing such ministries and programs from this perspective.