Dr Jacqueline Mees started her management career as a graduate trainee with Unilever in her country of birth, the Netherlands. Since that time she has worked as a Senior Executive for large multinationals in Europe, Asia and Australia. Her areas of expertise are strategy, innovation, marketing, and corporate social responsibility. Not long after she and her family moved to Australia at the end of 1999 she – as well as her husband and two children – became Christians and she developed a keen interest in Christian ethics and Theology. At Alphacrucis Jacqueline teaches Strategy and Innovation, Marketing Management for Non-Profit Organisations, and Introduction to Management.


On a quest to achieve their mission, organisations need to grab opportunities, avoid pitfalls, respond to changes in their environment, and stay on course. Good leaders do not only have a clear vision and set of values to guide them, they are also well aware of their current position – their starting point – of the challenges they are facing and of the competencies they will need to develop to achieve the mission.

Strategy management will teach students how to lead teams and organisations to fulfil their mission.


At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of external forces and how they can affect an organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Developing a framework of analysis to be able to describe and apply the strategic management tools utilized to implement organizational strategic directions.
  • Integrate the different contemporary approaches to strategic management and demonstrate strategic fit.
  • Identify, describe and distinguish the key theories and concepts of strategic management